Abilities in Quotes
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Abilities in Quotes

The use of one abilities can be intuited from certain quotes

Everyone can make use of the abilities he has but he does not always have the opportunity to do so because of environmental limitations. Take the Indian engineer who graduates and then has to sell cars to make a living or the Canadian biochemist who luckily ends up doing the work of a food lab technician that does not take university training. Napoleon was astute to have said that the ability is worthless unless you have the opportunity now he may have been thinking of conquering the rest of Europe given the opportunity to create certain alliances but that can be applied to peaceful times too.

That I am the only one who can use my ability according to a motivational speaker, I would disagree if one refers to the fact that there are plenty of telemarketing industries that use the abilities of their customer service staff to connect with clientele and even overuse those abilities. The quote would have mean more to the author had it read

“you are the only person who can best use your abilities”

There is an English proverb quite similar to what Napoleon suggested about having a cause to fight for and that is everyone has the use the means he has. This comes across with the saying that “everyone must row with the oars he has”. So in a sense it could mean that if the person will not have any doors opening up in his favor he’ll have poor means of obtaining a certain goal and it could also mean that if a person is born in a part of the world where there is hunger and starvation he may have little means to go beyond living with a thatched roof and an earthen floor.


"Ability is also sexless" as stated by Christabel Pankhurst, a strong advocate of women's rights. This will come up when a woman challenges a man regarding her ability to do the same job just as well if not better. In Pankhurst's case she was the first woman known to have physically refused to leave a political meeting in England because of her question called out regarding the right of women to vote. Today there is a radio talk show where a woman car mechanic is very efficient in being able to diagnose some of the problems people have with their cars and knows much more than many men do on the topic.

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