Achieving the Impossible: Setting Goals Worthy of Completing
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Achieving the Impossible: Setting Goals Worthy of Completing

Are you setting goals that are too easy? Are you using your comfort zone as a place to withdraw and not stretch? Decide today that you only want to pursue goals that are worth attaining. Set some outlandish targets and work to make it happen. Take control and get things done so you can make a difference in your life and the lives of others.

I once heard a speech from a college professor in which he said that after giving a group of students an assignment, he reviewed the results and he was amazed by their results. He was unprepared for such an outstanding result that he was taken aback by the idea that his expectations had been so low. He immediately started to understand that he did not know where the bar should have been. He set his standard too low, and they had all accomplished more than he had ever imagined. He did not let his students in on his secret. He greeted his class after reviewing their work and simply said “This was pretty good, but you can do better.”

 He had set the bar too low but there was no reason to tell them. They didn’t know what his expectations were so he did not want to tie them down with his idea of success. He simply issued a new challenge and let them decide how far they wanted to go. He did not strangle their creative process by telling them they had reached higher than he expected and he didn’t expect anything more. Instead he pushed them further than before with a new challenge that still had no defined target. He let them decide, again, how much effort and how much time to spend and again he was overwhelmingly impressed.

 So, I have to ask; have you set your own bar too low? Have you surrounded yourself with goals and dreams that you know you can accomplish easily and without too much sweat, just so you can convince yourself you have arrived? Have you let the limited view of those around you determine your own outlook and forgotten how to stretch your neck to see what is just over the horizon? It’s not too late to change your perspective and set a phenomenal goal of such outlandish proportions that it will make all of your friends and family think you are crazy. That is where you want to live.

 Humans are pushed the most and learn the most when they are on the edge of their understanding, when they are pushing themselves in more than one category. Move way out to the edge and you will begin to feel the fear that comes from almost falling off the cliff. Fix your eyes on the prize that is on the other side of the challenge. You know that one thing you have never faced. Pick a target that you can’t even see yet because you have not even begun to look in the right direction yet. Impossible is for cowards. You don’t even know where the bar should be set. If you set it too low you just might make it and then stop trying.

 The “four-minute mile” was impossible before Roger Banister. He was unconvinced and now there are dozens of athletes that have broken that barrier and Hicham El Guerrouj holds the current record with a time of 3:43.13, almost (17) seconds faster than the illusive four minute mark. In a similar feat Robert McKeague finished the Ironman World Championship Triathlon in 16:21:55 (16 hours). That is not necessarily a fantastic finish time when you consider the first place in 2011 was a little over 8hrs, but it means a world of difference when you consider that Robert McKeague was 80 years old when he became the oldest finisher The Ironman World Championship had ever seen. You read that right, he was 80 years old and he swam 2.4 miles, biked 112 miles and ran 26.2 miles in 16hrs. He didn’t even start his running career until he was 57. I’m sure there were plenty of people in his life that said he was crazy and that his goal was impossible but he did it and lived to tell the tale. What an amazing story of courage and perseverance.  He ran the race at 75 years old too, and after finishing he vowed to return when he was 80, and he did.

 So what’s your excuse for not stretching out of your comfort zone? What’s your excuse for letting fear get the best of you? What’s your excuse for allowing your circumstances to dictate what your future looks like? Stop planning, stop analyzing, and stop making excuses. Pick something you love, make a goal that astounds, start to work and make it happen. You are the key, you were created with purpose and only you can fulfill that purpose. You have a direction and a path but it is up to you to find it and follow it. Follow it without fear, without reservations and without limits. You can live a life unimaginable but you have to decide the prize is worth the price. Make it happen!

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Great article! Very inspiring!