Be Still and Know That I Am God
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Be Still and Know That I Am God

Be still in a quiet place and you will know God if you listen to what he is telling you. When you are quiet, you will open your heart and soul to Him.

"Be Still and Know That I am God".    How often do we sit stil?  We have cell phones hanging out our ears, the iPods are going, the TV is on, the computer is on.  How do we get 'still'? 

Even Jesus got still with God.   He would go out in the desert and pray to God and in doing so, He was refreshed and renewed.

Anyone can get refreshed and renewed with God.  It is important to be still and know that He is God.   You might say, "I don't have time for that", or "God doesn't value me" or "I'm simply not religous".   Those things are not important.  If you want to know God, you have to make some time for Him just like you do for your family, your kids, your dog, your job, and everything else that's on your plate.   Knowing God will give you extra oomph to do the things you do and you might do things a little differently.   And it will give you benefits you can't get anywhere else.  They're guaranteed.

Some say, "I don't know what to say to God".   God made you and He knows all about you already.  Just talk to Him like in plain language.  He'll be happy just to hear from you.  And he will change your life.   This is not a wish.  This is a fact.   You will become aware of life in a way that you are not now if you are not speaking to God.   You will add joy, love, kindness, forgiveness and acceptance of who you are.   He made you and loves you no matter what you are, say or have done.   Who else can you say that about?  

Try it.   Go into a quiet room, be still and get to know God.  Listen to what you hear.   It will change your life.  It's guaranteed.

Marie Coppola © 2009

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Comments (7)

Nice light touch on a key element in spiritual relationship with God - being still is uncomfortable at first, but keep at it and you will grow to yearn for quietness and stillness and calmness, and you will feel God's presence with you like a comforting friend.

So true. Sometimes, the reason why we can't seem to hear God's answers is we are too noisy inside us. We try to solve things for God. Thank you for this nice meditation piece.

In this time and day everyone is in a big rush and will not take the time to be still and learn about who God is. There is coming a day when we will wish we had taken the time out just for Him. Beautiful article and thanks so much for sharing this article with everyone (especially me) to remind me to slow down also and think of God more often.I confess today for my short comings when it comes to Him.

Teresa, you are not alone! We are all there at one time or another. The world butts in and takes our attention away. I'm not trying to push any articles - I truly like to share the faith - in my one about not having time to pray, little post-it prayers (especially in gratitude) got me in the habit of sharing my life more with God. And they are prayers - and don't have to be fancy or wordy. Blessings to you.

Yes, we need to pause once in a while and sense what God did to our lives.

There are times in life when you can feel from inside that God is near. I have this strange but holy experience of feeling the presence of Allah when my mother was fighting for life at hospital.

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