How to Wake Up Early in 5 Steps
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How to Wake Up Early in 5 Steps

Waking up early is really difficult if you are not used to it. The key here is “getting used to it.” Use the following five steps to wake up and get up early. Some of these will be hard to do at the beginning, and for a long time you may see no effects at all. The changes will be slow, but overtime you will find it easier to wake up early.

1. Sleep early If you go to sleep early you will have more time to sleep, so it will be easier to wake up in the morning. If you need to wake up at 6am, for example, go to bed by 10:30 – 11pm. Also, it is better to sleep one solid session instead of sleeping a few times throughout the day because you get more REM sleep that way (refreshes your mind.)

2. Eat right Try to make your biggest meal your breakfast; your body was without food without any for at least 7 hours! Especially for water, you should drink some as soon as you get up. Anyways, make your lunch smaller than breakfast, and dinner the smallest. Also have snacks in between, and before going to sleep. Don’t drink coffee, it keeps you awake. You can have it, or yogurt, after you get up in order to stimulate your mind. Have descent sized meals, the more you eat (not too much), the deeper you sleep, and the more refreshed you are when you wake up.

3. Exercise plenty When you first wake up, open your eyes slowly and gradually, instead of jerking them open. This makes you less groggy, so you don’t want to go back to sleep right after waking up. This takes some time to get used to, so keep trying every morning. Doing some exercises after you wake up also helps. No need to do super difficult crunches and stuff, just some light workout to wake you up.

4. Use alarm clocks If you usually just hit the snooze button and go back to sleep; set the alarm thirty minutes earlier than you need to get up. This way you can take your time getting up, with the help of snooze of course. If you instead turn the whole thing off and go back to sleep, then use two alarms. Keep one near you, and another far away, out of reach unless you get up. If it helps, set the second alarm 5 or 10 minutes after the first.

5. Find a sleeping pattern This is the most important step. Use the steps above to wake up at the same time for a few days, then you will start having an easier time waking up at that time. Your body/brain will become conditioned to wake up at that time. This also works for falling asleep, if you are having trouble sleeping by a certain time.

The idea is to make getting up early a way of your life instead of a chore you must do every single morning. Even thinking about the latter makes one sleepy. Be consistent with how long you sleep, and from what time to what time you sleep. Finally, don’t be discouraged if you mess up or if your sleeping patterns don’t change overnight, keep working at it, you will get it eventually.

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great tips!