Small Drips That Ripple out of Control: A Great Way to Visualize Your Time Management
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Small Drips That Ripple out of Control: A Great Way to Visualize Your Time Management

How do you find out what is important in your life and how to prioritize those things? Learn how small things can upset the balance in your life.

Manage your drips: You Drip, “What are you talking about? I don't understand how to do that? You sound like you'’re going crazy.”People wonder why there life is out of order. People wonder why they can'’t get anything done. People wonder why the big things, the things that really matter, keep falling behind. I once heard the quote: “"On your death bed no one will ever say I wish I had spent more time at the office"” I am talking about everyday things and the not so everyday things. Put the things that you spend time on in order so that they make sense. Put your most important issues on the front burner.

“I still don't get it.Well, I know I can explain but you have to do some visualization. Imagine a clear blue pool of water about the size of the old childhood plastic swimming pools. The water is completely still. It is almost hard to tell that there is actually water in the pool. You can merely make out the change in texture on the bottom of the pool as the sun reflects into the water. Can you see it? O.K. Now what happens if a drop of water hits the water? Imagine a single drop of water falls into the pool. PLOOP! Ripples in the water radiate out from where the drip occurred. PLOOP! There is another drip but now in a different location. More ripples occur and these collide with the ripples of the other drip. Now imagine that it has started to drip in about twenty different locations. Ripples everywhere, all of them are colliding and the water could almost be boiling. Can you picture this in your mind? Take a minute and imagine all of the ripples and all of the commotion in the pool. Now, what happens when one of the drips starts dripping more rapidly? The ripples from that drip start to gain momentum and over ride other ripples. Some of the less frequent drips can hardly be made out anymore. What if a drip turns into a running stream of water? This really messes up the surface. Water splashing from the steam as it hit the surface. Now you can't even tell what drips are and which are just splashes from where the stream is hitting the surface. My head starts to hurt just thinking about trying to keep track.

Everything in your life that takes time is a drip in the pool. Now, letÂÂ’s be serious, everything takes time but not all of the drips are large enough to count, or keep track of. You have to brush your teeth twice a day, you donÂÂ’t always have time, but you always find time. That is because you understand that this is one is non-negotiable. You could leave it out of your routine but I donÂÂ’t think the other people in your life would appreciate it. You get dressed, and do your hair too. These are just part of the daily routine that you leave time for when you set your alarm. But, not everything is that clear cut. Some things in your life take priority over other things. Some things will take longer to accomplish than others. Some things will take longer that you had allotted time for them. This is where you have to Manage Your Drips. Everyone has the exact amount of time each day to complete whatever it is that they feel is important that day. You get to decide which things you are going to pay attention to and which things are going on to tomorrow's to do list. You decide. It is your time and no one else can decide for you.

For example, I should go to the gym and work out, maybe three times a week. I donÂÂ’t do it because I like to tell myself I donÂÂ’t have time. I actually do have the time in my day, but I always find something else to do that takes up the hour I would spend in the gym. Even if that time is spent surfing the internet or just listening to some music at my desk. What IÂÂ’m trying to say is that you have to make a choice to do something and then you have to set the priority in your day to get it done. Everything in your day is a drip in the pool. You are a terrible plumber and every faucet you have drips. Some drip slowly, church on Sunday, very dependable and you are expecting that drip. Some are faster, work 5 days a week, still dependable but drips a little faster. You son has baseball practice, another drip you have to keep track of, but you can make it work.IÂÂ’m going to list a few more and I will discuss the less obvious answers after the list.

Possible Drips:

  • Kids
  • Parents
  • Work
  • Your Boss
  • Your Car
  • Church
  • Spouse
  • Family
  • Friends
  • Your House
  • Hobbies
  • Illness
  • God
  • Community

There are probably uncountable others but I can't possible list every item in your life that takes up time. The quest of this book is not to prioritize your specific list of items but to give you a practical way to imagine the things in your life that can upset the water and cause commotion. You might be wondering why, your boss, can be a drip in your pool. Well, say it is Monday around 11:50am and your boss calls you on your cell phone to tell you that he can'Â’t make it to his 2pm appointment and he needs you to go in his place. The only problem is that you have no idea what to expect or what you should take with you. He just cranked the work faucet into full on broken spigot mode. You spend the next 1 1/2 hrs trying to prepare for a meeting that you had no idea was occurring until today.

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Comments (2)

I like the analogy of the drip. This article reinforced the idea that we all have 24 hours a day and I decide what to do with my 24.

Very interesting analogy. I enjoyed the article and will no doubt be thinking about it for a while.