Ten Tips to Achieve Success in Life
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Ten Tips to Achieve Success in Life

We all wish to succeed in life and the road is tough. But if we adhere to some simple principles in life and then stick to them, we shall be closer to achieving our goals of success in life. The basic ten tips are a sure shot formula to succeed.

We all want to achieve success in our life. The paths to achieve the pinnacle of success may be different but the goals are just about the same. From childhood onwards, an individual's happiness is modelled around his ability to get success in all all spheres of his life. As toddlers, we have to succeed at achieving good learning skills. In schools, we are taught to succeed in scoring high ranks over our competitors. In job scenario, the prestige of achieving a high paying job and building a solid financial future for oneself, spouse and kids takes priority.

Therefore, if we follow some basic principles, we can enjoy the sweetness of success in our lives:


1. Self Discipline

Among all the tips, this one ranks the first. The realistion that self is supreme and if disciplined for a life time, all our efforts shall naturally be channelled to achieve our desired goal of success in life. It was self discipline that motivated Napoleon to achieve victories. All around us there are beautiful distractions but if a student has chalked a goal of clearing a competitive entrance, he shall never indulge in short term distractions but think of great world leaders who burnt midnight oil in adverse situations and succeeded due to self discipline.

2. A desire to excel

Everyone of us has been gifted with some creativity or the other. However, if it is not matched equally by a desire to excel, success cannot be achieved in life. When Edmund Hillary conquered Everest, all he felt was a burning desire to excel in the adverse weather situation and plant the flag of his couintry atop the tallest mountain.

3. Learning to live with the negatives in life

We all know about the achievements of deaf musician Mozart and the deaf, dumb and blind graduate lady Helen Keller who still inspire us down the centuries to accept the negatives and learn to move on to achieve success in life.

4. Motivation, determination and a positive attitude

Live day by day staying motivated. Bill Gates did not have a doctorate degree when he invented Microsoft with his team. Now, all the Universities around the world have conferred honorary degrees on him. What Bill had was motivation towards achieving his goal and determination to put efforts in order to achieve success in life. When everyone around him was skeptical, his positive attitude saw him reach the pinnacle of riches.

5. Persistent efforts

The inspiring story of King Bruce and spider outlines the fact that if the efforts are genuine and persistent, we can make our spirit indomitable to achieve success in life. King Bruce had to face seven successive defeats in battle. He vowed never to fight again as he took refuge in a nearby cave. On the wall of the cave, a little spider tried to climb the wall. It fell seven times and the eigth time, King Bruce saw the spider succeding in climbing the wall. So inspired was he by the persistent efforts of spider that he undertook the eigth battle with the enemy again, worked on war strategies and emerged victorious.

6. Leave aside procastrination

Until and unless there is an emergency, we tend to relax and leave our assignments to a later date. This procastrination is detrimental to succeess just as the lazy rabbit lost his won race to the slow tortoise who never relaxed once. Nadia Comaneci, the gymnast achieved a score of perfect ten for the first time in the history of the game. She did not practise it in one single night but from the time she learned to walk as a kid in Russia.

7. Co operative attitude and friendliness

If we cultivate an attitude of friendliness and cooperation in life, we shall be smoothening our road to achieve success in life . Remember, one good turn deserves another. Give all help to others and ye shall receive much more.

8.  Anger and ego management

The seeds of anger and ego must never be allowed to sprout. One must follow strategies to control the raging ego and anger within us to achieve success in life. Meditation and a will to surrender to a higher force goes hand in hand to move to get success.

9. Planning ability and a vision to see beyond

It is thought that when a man of vision learns to plan, he strategises his efforts in the direction to achieve success in life. Scientists have planned picnics on Moon, they had that vision to work their way towards achieving the same by conducting researches, collecting the data worldwide, sending satellies and processing information over the centuries.

10. Respecting family values

We need not sacrifice our basic values of love, sacrifice, bonding with family and friends at the altar of success, Rather, these values provide us succour when we are down and out in life. By the tenets of love and non violence, the world leader Mahatma Gandhi succeeded in seeking independece  for his country, India.

3. Positive attitude

4.Optimism, learning to live with negatives in life

5. Persistent efforts

6. Do not procastrinate

7. Anger management

8. Cooperative attitude and friendliness

9. Planning ability and vision tosee beyond

10. Respecting family values

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Comments (12)

With your words in mind, one can achieve success in life!

Great tips especially #5.

Ranked #22 in Motivation & Goals

Well written...

Some really great advise passed here. I loved all the little examples you gave to support your work.

No doubt. All great tips for achieving success in all aspects of life. Great read and very encouraging.

Excellent article Swati! I think self-discipline, willingness to work hard, high moral values, and self-respect are the best characteristics parents can instill in their children. Learning to turn set-backs and naysayers into an impetus to achieve more is a great skill to develop in ourselves also. Voted, T'd, Dugg, SU. Great job!

Excellent and very helpful tips.

surefire ways to succeed,thanks

Great write Swati. I think you forgot to delete the last part of your composition.

Wise words... good article.

With your wonderful tips we can all achieve our dreams and goals.

Gargi Kalia

no-one knows you better than yourself......see deeper in yourself......aburning desire is need to become successful......indulge yourself in your work......and see how you will able to achieve success