Two Best Sources for Self-Help and Motivational Materials
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Two Best Sources for Self-Help and Motivational Materials

In this report

Searching for the right tools to help you increase your achievements, give you piece of mind or assist with internal struggles can be a challenge.  However, there are online companies such as Beyond Words Publishing and Midwestcenter which specialize in helping you with services and/or products which can help you deal with problems,roadblocks and personal roadblocks.  These companies provide an individual with such tools as enlightening reading materials, thought-provoking audio programs and films, special events to attend or lengthy online programs which assist in alleviating anxiety, feelings of low self-esteem, panic attacks and increasing confidence and self-esteem.

Some individuals prefer to fight their battles on their own while others need and want more personalized and structured assistance.  The source which an individual will choose to purchase will depend on his individual needs and the extent of help or assistance that is needed at the time.  It will also depend on the sum of money an individual is willing to spend on purchases of self-help materials.   

#1 - Beyond Words Publishing

Beyond Words Publishing is a wholesale and retail book and publishing site which features motivational books, audio books, DVDs and movies.  They also offer such services as customized books, author events, upcoming product information and author interviews.  Not only is the site perfect for that individual who wishes to find encouragement and motivation in the pages of a book offered for sale but also is a possible market for the aspiring author who may have a message he wants to release in the form of a book. 

The pros which makes this site the go-to site for both readers and writers are the:

  • variety of topics offered which include health and wellness, psychology, history, happiness, families and parenting, inspiration and much, much more.
  • previews of upcoming book titles and the extra service of the company contacting you as soon as it is available
  • news, updates and promotion updates available by email
  • sister company, Beyond Distribution, which assists writers, artists, filmmakers and musicians in promoting and selling their works
  • wholesale source for bookstores and other motivational product distributors   

The cons are: 

  • only 15 new books a year are featured, limiting the number of good reads a customer can find and the opportunities for new writers to get their work published
  • it is an impersonal method of receiving support and encouragement, especially if an individual needs extensive assistance


Beyond Words pricing is generally comparable to the pricing in bookstores.  It is neither over the top or low budget pricing but the company features periodic specials, such as the March 2012 sale of 40% off of all titles, which makes shopping this site well worth your while.  All shipping is free with purchases of over $30. 

#2 - Midwestcenter

Midwestcenter is a site which provides individuals with anxiety, panic, and depression assistance in the form of a CD program, workbooks, carry-along cards and psychological assistance by phone. The program was organized and formed by Lucinda Bassett, a woman who had suffered from both anxiety and depression, with the help of her doctor, Philip Fisher.  It consists of 15 CD installments which clients are expected to complete within a 15-week period.  The installments include categories such as self-talk, anger control, assertiveness, time management, guilt and worry and more.  It is a discreet method of obtaining the help a person may need with an ongoing personal problem or challenge. 

Midwestcenter has been endorsed by individuals and companies such as Oprah, Self magazine, The View television show and Prevention magazine. 


  • the sessions are private and can be done to fit personal needs and time schedule requirements.
  • it is not an overnight fix which can be both temporary and unfulfilling.  The length of the program attests to the fact that overcoming life difficulties does take time, determination and focus and cannot be done in just a few hours.
  • comes with free gifts - three CDs which help with relaxations and stress reduction


  • can be expensive for budget-minded customers
  • is not as personal as a face-to-face session with a therapist
  • cannot be changed to fit a client's particular needs - has a one-program-fits-all mentality 

Pricing:  The pricing of such professional help is not cheap but it is far less expensive than making an appointment with a therapist, psychologist or psychiatrist.  One can expect to spend $49.95 every month for six months for all of the materials, including the free gifts.  There is also a free 14-day trial offer with a $9.95 shipping and handling charge for those who may be skeptical about the program. 

The Bottom Line

The company which is all-encompassing and provides the extra services, events, information and products is

Beyond Words Publishing.  This company is not just concerned with making a profit but is interested in its customers and clients needs and support. This is obvious in the high criteria needed to get a book accepted into their company and ultimately to their readers.

Midwestcenter may be the best resource for those who have personal problems with anxiety and depression who cannot afford the high cost of psychiatric care or who may not have insurance coverage to help pay for counseling for their particular challenges.  The length of the program also lends itself more to those with more extensive motivational, depression and anxiety issues. 

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Thank you Sheryl for this article. Wanted to vote. But do not know how. Recommended.

Good article!

Well done comparison.

Thanks for this comparison review.

Indeed, those two companies seem to provide valuable assistance to improve self-esteem and motivate ourselves towards achieving goals.

I liked the fact that Beyond Words Publishing limits the number of featured books to onle 15 per annum. Taking a pro-active stance towards any personal, professional or business problem is the base of any recovery plan to stand back on feet and become successful again. Physical exercise, along with mental training and professional mentoring can help a person become literally indefatigable.